Introducing myself

I am a first time visitor, helped aboard by Beth and Eric Gasper. I am digging my way backwards through time to the sale of the first gauge set to Cadillac around 1908 and then forward to the AIAG and their method. This is where Don Wheeler says that he first learned it around 1980 or so.  I'm wondering what happened in the 70 years between those two points?  Also, I recently came across an interesting article by Jody Muelander that says that we should unify Gauge R&R, SPC and the GUM  to support future world wide manufacturing measurement demands.  Check it out.  Glad to be here!


  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
    Hi @Stephen Puryear and welcome to the Community!

    Do you happen to have a link to the article by Jody Muelander? I would be very interested in reading it.

    Also, I found a PDF version of the "The Gauge Block Handbook" that you mentioned to me yesterday. HERE is a link. So far it has been very enlightening!

  • A Unified Approach to Uncertainty for Quality Improvement  Hi Eric. The authors have some really interesting things to say about random error that I found enlightening.
  • Eric, I would be interested in your thoughts on Jodys point of view on where we stand at the moment.  I am a Pharma calibrator and as a result, I have picked up a lot of the GUM rationale on my own.  I understand Gauge methods from an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer point of view.  But I don't see much value in the Gauge MSA capabilities, compared to just following the GUM to get a system uncertainty estimate.  I would appreciate any help you could provide. I come in peace!
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