Scaling Up? Don't Leave SPC Behind [11/8/2018]

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Scaling Up? Don't Leave SPC Behind

November 8, 2018 11:00 am to 12:00 pm ET

There is a long history of deploying statistical process control to reduce variation. These efforts can stall, or be abandoned, when the number of metrics becomes overwhelming. This 60-minute webinar will describe the challenges of growing SPC to a large scale, and suggests approaches to meet these challenges.

What to expect:
- Learn how to identify constraints to a large scale SPC deployment
- Discover how to address these constraints
- Understand how to develop a plan to grow an SPC deployment
- Learn ways to multiply the benefits of an SPC program on a large scale

RECORDING: Watch webinar  | 60-minute webinar (Right click and select "Save as..." or "Save Link as...")

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Thank you to everyone who attended!


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    @Matt S @Steve D

    After the webinar Q&A, we received a few questions via email that are worth sharing:

    Do SQCpack and GAGEpack both have email notification capabilities?

    You mentioned education of workers as related to SPC, in what specific areas would you suggest workers need more education?

    Do you see these mistakes being made among people using SQCpack?
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