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Matt WMatt W PQ Systems Employee
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What role does data security play in the day to day operations of your company's quality department?  Have there been any significant changes or challenges over the years?  


  • At the company I work for, data and report security is required per our ISO, UL and CSA standards or requirement.  We have to prove to them during our audits that no one can access the information but those who need to.  We also have a record retention policy that states how long we keep the information before it can be destroyed.  We recently transitioned to SAP and the calibration department was using the exact same screens as our maintenance department was using.  Meaning that they could see and even change the information that was solely used in calibration.  Our UL inspectors said that was a NO NO!!  We were also sharing the same screens with our electronics department and it too was deemed a NO NO!!  We finally proved that the SAP system was not working for the calibration aspect of the software and decided to stay with PQ Systems because the data is stored locally and is backed up on two redundant systems.  The calibration department is not networked so no one has any type of remote access to our records but the calibration department.  I would like to see our company move to a direction that would allow for me to perform remote calibrations that take place in different parts of our manufacturing plant.  I know there is an import function but it seems so time consuming to have to export the data then import and all sorts of other stuff.  Perhaps I don't fully understand how to obtain this but rest assure that our accreditation firms would make us prove that this is a secure function. 
  • Matt LMatt L PQ Systems Employee
    That is a really good question, Matt. And I really appreciate your thoughtful response, Fatheadfred.  Give me a call or contact our support team to discuss possible solutions for you performing remote calibrations. We may have a solution that works for you. 

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