Device Integration with SQCpack - 3 Part Series [6/5/2019, 6/12/2019, 6/19/2019]

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Device Integration with SQCpack - 3 Part Series

June 5th, 12th, & 19th, 2019
All sessions will be held from 11:00am – 11:20am ET

The “Device Integration with SQCpack” webinar series will take you beyond manual data entry in SQCpack. In these 20-minute webinars, our experts will demonstrate three different avenues for integrating, wired or wireless, electronic measurement equipment into your SQCpack data entry experience. Whether you are trying to configure a simple digital caliper or hoping to streamline your CMM data collection, this series is for you.

This series covers key integration topics and will provide instructions for setting up and utilizing these powerful features to simplify data collection. 

June 5 – Single Data Devices
The series will begin with an introduction to Single Data Devices, which makes it easy to transfer data from measuring devices, including handheld digital calipers, scales, and micrometers.
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June 12 – Fixtures
The series continues with a look at Fixtures, which facilitates input from multiple data devices directly into SQCpack. With its unique data entry experience, Fixtures is designed to handle one or more measuring devices connected to a computer via a multiplexer.
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June 19 – CMM Integration
The series finale will address CMM Integration, which is designed to transfer data output from coordinate measuring machines, as well as other advanced measuring devices. We’ll demonstrate the process for automating the transfer of the output from these complex measurement systems into SQCpack for quicker SPC analysis.
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  • Recording for June 5 is not the right link, it is showing me the Preparing for your Quality Meeting video.
  • PQ SystemsPQ Systems PQ Systems Employee
    @heddjack Thanks for letting us know! The link has been updated. 
  • Matt SMatt S PQ Systems Employee

    For the June 5 Device integration, when the micrometer was sending data, it sent a decimal and five numbers. (.70995) In SQCpack data entry, only three numbers were being displayed. All five numbers are stored in the SQCpack Data group, but the data entry format was defined to only show three decimal places. This can be easily changed to show all five decimal places.

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