ChartRunner - Last 50 sample size and maintaining Control limits

I am a chartrunner user. Many of my charts have data that goes back 5-10 years. The x-axis labels are all mashed together and so are my data points in a chart. I can fix the labels by changing the number of subgroups. I can use the "last N" data points function in my chart, but the control limits are not corresponding to the data points. Any advice?


  • Matt SMatt S PQ Systems Employee
    With CHARTrunner, there is an option when lots of data is presented in the chart. The best selection I use in this case is: "Place n labels across the chart" where n = [ 25 ]. If this does not address your need, please let us know.
  • There are 2 places I know of.
    1) under data definition: Results records to include - This does not keep the control limits
    2) under the control chart tab - X and y axis , x axis label with only effects the labels.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Matt SMatt S PQ Systems Employee
    I may need to see what is occurring. Can you email me what day & time will work for you and I will send you an on-line meeting request? My e-mail is [email protected]
  • Matt SMatt S PQ Systems Employee
    If others have a similar issue .... The solution turned out to be related to the Order by used in the chart was not a Date/Time based order by (or numeric with ascending numbers). Changing the chart to use a Date/Time identifier and ensuring the control limits are also based on this resolved the issue.
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