future of sdn

Businesses, carriers, and other enterprises are continuously facing onslaughts from multiple sources. Multimedia content continues to grow exponentially, cloud computing is at an all-time high, and mobile usage is higher than ever.

Additionally, there is pressure for organizations to cut their costs while not compromising on their revenue. When all these forces converge, they pose a serious threat to the traditional business model.

In a bid to adapt, many companies are turning to SDN technology to change the way they go about network monitoring operations and designs to increase their efficiency.

SDN allows you to program network behavior by utilizing software applications that use open APIs in a centrally controlled manner. When you open up the network platforms which are conventionally closed and implement a central SDN control layer, one can manage entire networks and their devices without regard to how complicated the underlying network technology is. This brings us to the question; what is software-defined networking?

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