Outside calibration information

Would it be common practice to enter the findings of an external calibration in the "calibration event", and how do you link a cert to a gage, ie… an attachment?


  • PQ SystemsPQ Systems PQ Systems Employee
    Hi @rcnatec

    Great questions! The external calibration event form in GAGEpack gives you the same options / fields as the internal calibrations. If you want to record the actual measurements (As Found / As Left) from the calibration vendor, you certainly can. Some customers like to do that for seeing trends in their calibration data while others forego that since its already present on the calibration certificate. 

    You can link to a cert on the calibration events by going to the Admin tab and then using the Document field. You browse to the location of the cert on your computer or network to establish the connection. That path will be saved with the event for future review!
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