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What process does everyone use as best practice for gage R & R - number of pieces, number of times, number of operators?  We have a standard we have used for years but my current TS auditor is telling it me it should be done differently.  Just wondering what everyone else does?


  • Although it doesn't meet requirements for R&R I still put a lot of stock in a gage R study.  The instructions can be found in the back of the latest edition of AIAG's MSA manual.  The beauty of the GR is that it is cheap and easy compared to a full GRR and will reveal many of the same system shortcomings (Or out and out failures).
  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
    Vicki: what standard are you using now for your studies (number of parts, replications, and appraisers)?  And what did the auditor recommend to you?
  • Eric:  We are using 10 parts, 3 times, 2 appraisers.  The auditor recommended 50 parts, 3 times, 3 appraisers.

  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
    edited October 2017
    For a variable gage R&R 10 parts, 3 times (replications/trials), and 2 appraisers is pretty typical.  However, 50 parts would be used for an Attribute R&R study.  I wonder if that is what they were getting at with their comment / suggestions?
  • That was my understanding as well.  At the time, we were talking R & R in general and looking at NDC.  Perhaps with the change to IAFT 16949, there is something which lead her to say that.  We are in the process of transitioning, as we move forward with that, I will take a look.  If you hear anything, please let me know.  thanks!!

  • I'm fairly new to this company. Their GR&R records are a mess. I'm starting it back up shortly here. My plan is to use 3 Inspectors, measuring 10 parts, 2 times. (3 X 10 X 2) As I recall that's how we were doing it at previous companies.
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