Q&A: Getting the Most out of Master Gages [3/15/2018]

Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
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This post is for Questions and Answers for the scheduled Webinar - Getting the Most out of Master Gages on 3-15-2018

Attendees of the Webinar, as well as anyone else, are invited to ask follow-up questions here for answers from the experts.

The recording of the webinar can be found here: http://pq.systems/gp-tips-20180315 


  • Can I trace all calibrations done with a master.  Meaning can I see everything that was calibrated by a master, in case the master is found out of tolerance on calibration?
  • Derek BDerek B PQ Systems Employee
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    Question from GAGEpack User James Stevens:  "Does anyone have any tips for how to handle the situation where more than one master gage is used for a single calibration step?"
  • Derek BDerek B PQ Systems Employee
    Another great user question from Dan Zimbric - How do I assign a master gage to a large group of gages?
  • Thanks for the explanation!  You guys think of everything!

  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
    For James Stevens' question:
    Currently, GAGEpack can only support one Master Gage reference per calibration step.  If you list a master block set as one gage in your database then that works out since you can link it to your individual calibration steps ~ this set was used for steps 1-4 and another master set was used steps 5-9.

    However, if each master is listed individually (each block per say) then when you have a step where you need to ring together a few blocks that can pose a challenge since GAGEpack is only looking for one master to be used in that column.  There is a comment column to the right of the Masters column on the calibration form.  You could list what other masters were used on that specific step.

    Last note is this is a request that we have heard from a few others.  Our development team has included this on their list of future improvements to the program - namely allowing a one to many connection to multiple master gages per calibration step.
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