NIST numbers

Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
Do you record NIST numbers on your gages? 

Some consider them vital for traceability while others only use for administrative tracking purposes.

What is your take on these numbers and do you use this field in GAGEpack?


  • In our system, we use this field to record the serial number of the master used for calibration.

    The following information is taken directly form the NIST website and describes their intent of the use of the NIST number. I.B.4 Is a NIST Test Report Number necessary and/or sufficient evidence of traceability? Test report numbers issued by NIST are intended to be used solely for administrative purposes. Although they are often used to uniquely identify documents which bear evidence of traceability, test report numbers themselves do not address the issues listed in I.B.1 above, and should not be used nor required as the sole proof of traceability. Jerry Longmire Senior Manager - Quality, Komatsu Mining Corp. Group



  • Hi Eric,
    What we have seen with many of the users is that they susbtitute the “Field name” with something related with their adminstrative processes like “cost center”. The NIST number normally is not used.
  • Eric,

    I always placed the NIST Number in my calibrations.  That way when I pulled records for ISO audits they can see the calibation Lab' Nist number.
    T. Schneider
  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee

    That sounds like a great method! If a NIST number is provided by an outside calibration vendor, it can't hurt to record that information during a calibration event in GAGEpack. I tend to err on the side of having as much information and details as I can when recording events.  

    Thank you for sharing!
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