When to do a MSA (GR&R and other techniques)


I'm looking for advise, I'm concerned about IATF 16949 talking about performing statistical studies for each type of inspection, measurement and test equipment system in the Control Plan. My first and main concern, is that in my understanding, we don't need to perform studies for EACH gage/machine. Does this makes sense?

An example of what I believe is OK is: If we buy 5 gages (same model), we should perform GR&R study for just 1 equipment (to demonstrate equipment variation, appraisal, method, etc. is adequate). Actually in our Plant we may have >30 gages of same type.

Another concern related to this question is when equipment is repaired. Older gages are repaired frequently, but, I believe GR&R should only be performed when a "critical component for measure" is changed/replaced. However, maybe we can just verify against Master. Is this valid?

Last question: How can we manage  Gagepack (Alarms/Notifications). Is there any manual you can share?

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