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Can you ask Eric Gasper if they conduct classes and if so are they AIAG backed? I would like to get some classes under my belt, but my manager wants it done by AIAG or the like.

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  • Matt LMatt L PQ Systems Employee
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    @TBHill, I really appreciate the question! 

    We conduct R&R training using information from AIAG's latest MSA manual (4th edition).  Most training we conduct is under the assumption you will enter results and conduct the analysis/reporting in GAGEpack.

    Nonetheless, we do offer on-site at either your location or ours. Plus, at the two-day GAGEpack seminar held several times a year, the focus on day two is primarily on R&R. For your reference, here is the hyperlink to the GAGEpack seminar information

    I believe @Eric G may add his two cents today or Monday when he has availability. 
  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
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    As Matt mentioned, our training is centered around GAGEpack and SQCpack, but we do venture out to related content like the MSA manual (4th edition), SPC manual (2nd edition), and other important concepts. Industry standards also shape the direction of the training and how our programs can help meet the requirements and needs of an organization.

    That being said, I have had wonderful experiences through AIAG and I know they offer a wealth of training opportunities at their Southfield, Michigan location.


  • Thank you for all that information Eric. I will be getting with the powers that be and letting them decide where they want to send me, but I'd rather go South instead of North. Not that I have anything against Michigan, but I have friends down in Dayton and it would make dinner a little more enjoyable.
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