Gage R&R - 3 Part Series [8/16/2018, 8/23/2018, 8/30/2018]

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Gage R&R - 3 Part Series

August 16, 23, & 30, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EDT

This three-part webinar series will help you understand and conduct effective R&R studies.


Part 1 – August 16, 2018

The series will begin with an overview of the purpose and goals of a Gage R&R study and establish the foundation for Parts 2 and 3 of the webinar series.

Part 1 Recording:  Watch Part 1 (Right click and select "Save as..." or "Save Link as...")

Part 2 – August 23, 2018

This session will address how to setup and conduct a Gage R&R study. Maximize your potential for conducting a successful study with tips and pointers.

Part 2 Recording:  Watch Part 2 (Right click and select "Save as..." or "Save Link as...")

Part 3 – August 30, 2018

This session will address analysis of study results, important factors to consider, and improving your measurement system for future studies.

Part 3 Recording: Watch Part 3 (Right click and select "Save as..." or "Save Link as...")

Parts 1- 3 Slides: View PDF

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  • How do you do Gage R&R on destructive testing?
  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
    edited August 2018
    Hi jvanhuet,

    The short answer: the same as any non-destructive R&R test but you need to gather a lot more parts! 

    I will plan on covering this topic during the webinar series next month.

    Thank you!
  • Two things, First is that a few times during the video some slides were skipped over really fast so you could not see the information that was being talked about.
    For a gage R&R that is 50x3x3 that has a feeler that checks 10 different locations on the gage what is the general rule on how to speed that up, is it ok to change that check to one or two locations or is that tabu to do something like that. Because if you do the math that one feeler check is 10 places x 50 parts x 3 trials x 3 operators = 4500 checks and this is just one check on a gage that has 6 others as well.
    I am just trying to get a feel on how other that set up and run gage R&R's do things.
  • Eric GEric G PQ Systems Employee
    Hi @Jstanage

    Thank you for the feedback and questions!

    1. After the R&R webinar series is completed we will post a PDF copy of all the slides used. That way if you can review the slides and recordings whenever you like. I will also make an effort to pause longer on slides for the remainder of the webinar.
    2. While the focus or this webinar series is for Variable R&R, Attribute R&R studies are also a vital piece to any quality measurement system. As you noted, time is a factor with this type of study as usually 50 parts are used instead of 10, like with a variable R&R. Yet, one of the key benefits of attribute gages is the speed at which they can be used (in the hands or a keen operator). So, a 50 part x 3 trial x 3 operator study may be accomplished in relatively the same time as a variable 10 part x 3 trial x 3 operator R&R. The other complication in your case is the 10 checks or measurement areas.
      For that I would ask the question: who is requesting the study? If a customer is requiring the study results for all measurement features, then 4,500 checks could be part of maintaining their business! On the other hand, if the decision to complete attribute studies is an internal one then I would think about what it is we are trying to learn? I might discuss things with the team and find out if any of those 10 checks have been problematic or difficult for the operators, if parts have been sent back with a common flaw, or even which of the 10 checks are the most crucial. That could help narrow the focus and instead of doing 10 attribute studies (one for each check) select 1 or 2 that will make the most difference from additional insight.
    Has anyone else been faced with a similar predicament when it comes time to complete studies?
    Have customers required more than your team can keep up with?
  • Where can I find the PDF you talked about in part 3? How can I go about getting some reading material on the Gagepack. I use Gagetrak now and there's no support like what you have here.
  • PQ SystemsPQ Systems PQ Systems Employee
    edited August 2018

    The recording for Part 3, as well as the slides are now available. Thanks for attending!
  • Excellent News. Thank you so very much for the update. I will print these and get them to my manager.
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